About Us

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Dennis J. Dalton Ltd. online catalog. Here, in addition to selections from our permanent collection, like Wedding and Engagement Rings, you'll also find Weekly Specials and other items updated regularly to bring you high quality jewelry at low prices.

The Bowery and Canal Street is the center of New York's wholesale jewelry district. Before the idea of a discount store was even thought of, the entire Lower East Side was one huge discount center. People bought clothing for half price on Orchard Street, wedding dresses and fabrics on Grand Street, while the Bowery was the center for jewelry and lighting.

Discounting on the Bowery is not the result of a business decision but a hundred year old tradition.

Like many of the jewelers on the Bowery, I came to this area as a teenager to run errands and sweep floors. The excitement was intoxicating making it impossible to do anything but be a Bowery Jeweler.

Today, one sees jewelry sales in the paper every day. Unfortunately, though, buying these "sale" items doesn't save consumers money. The necklace on sale was made for the sale; with the lower price comes lower quality.

Here, we do it differently. We manufacture and wholesale. Our lower prices are the result of lower overhead, more competitive pricing and high volume. Our customers always get the highest quality at the lowest prices.

You might wonder about the service in this highly competitive environment. The staff's backgrounds are very similar to mine. They are sometimes called "jewelry brats." Some were born into the business while others started working in this area when they were very young. They are truly jewelry professionals, taking great pride in who they are and what they do.

You'll notice another difference when you visit us: a lack of pressure. It goes with the professionalism. We will talk to you about what's new in jewelry, give advice on quality and even clean and check your own jewelry, but no one will pressure you to make a purchase.

We look forward to meeting you.

Victoria, Chris, Francy, Ali, Amy, Lisa, Ellen and Dennis